Sunday, September 12, 2010

Biscuits for breakfast!

This morning I made biscuits for breakfast, using one of my favorite biscuit recipes ever. Unlike others I've tried, this one actually produces flaky layers distinct enough to peel apart, as well as a wallop of buttery, buttermilky flavor.

The secret to the fabulous texture is in lamination, which is essentially the same technique used to make croissants and puff pastry. Instead of blending the butter into the flour, you press and fold them together. This creates distinct layers of dough and flattened butter, which in turn bake into lovely puffy strata.

Fear not: while croissants from scratch are indeed a finicky pursuit, these biscuits incredibly simple and easy. You don't even need a rolling pin! (A bench scraper helps immensely, though).    

I'm lazy, so once the dough is pressed to the final thickness, I just cut them into squares, leaving the jagged edges as they are. (There's an added bonus: there are no scraps to re-press and -cut, which eliminates the danger of overworking the dough).

For an extra special treat, you can fold in fresh herbs or grated cheese, too. And for a little extra golden glisten, I brush the tops with another tablespoon of buttermilk. Try them yourself!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bacon: still going strong.

Just when I was starting to think that bacon had peaked, that we'd run out of things to do with it...comes this. A gift from my savvy NYC source:
Bacon marmalade.

It's like a chewy, meaty chutney. Or pancakes and syrup with a side of bacon, but without the pesky pancakes (I never really liked them anyway). It's going to be hard to meter this stuff out.